Monday, March 6, 2017

Veronica Austin

Hi Veronica;  Your project is focused and direct, and you make clear your voice in making a visual piece (short doc) about Planned Parenthood.  This is all very good.  I don't have a lot to add except to say that when you prepare your 5 minute pitch, give more specifics about what the mini-doc will look like, sound like, and what specific elements will be included, and how organized.  I think you're in good shape to prepare it!


(4/3/17)  Hi Veronica and Sidnei;

Your Literature Review is rather thin. Most of the references I see listed in the back reference section I don't see in the text of the literature review itself.  If they do all appear in the reference section, they also need to appear within the review itself.  The reference list if quite full, but the review is not.  You'll need to really beef it up as the final review you give me at the end of the term -- which will accompany your short documentary piece.  I'll scan and send you the lit. review you turned in so you can see my other edits and comments throughout where you need work on writing, etc.  

Hope the doc is going well!

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  1. Hi professor Fry,

    Thanks for the well wishes on the documentary.

    -Sidnei and Veronica


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