Monday, March 6, 2017

Freddy Sanchez and Jose Torres

Hi Freddy and Jose;

I don't remember saying that people could pair up on their projects.  The two of you are the only ones doing so.  If you are set on pairing up for the project, you'll need to demonstrate how you'll be creating a project that is twice what the others are doing.

In other words, you are proposing a podcast series about Slacktivism.  You'll each need to produce an entire episode of the podcast series as the final project piece(s).  As a team you'll need to give much more specific information about what each episode will sound like, and how they both fit into the vision of the larger series.  How long will each episode be?  What will be the specific topics of each?  What are the specific elements that will be included in each?  what is the overall style? Who will be included in each?

Be prepared to offer those specifics in the 5-minute pitch you'll give next week in class (each of you will do a pitch for your own episode).  Then, once you've satisfied the requirements of two pitches, you'll each be producing the episode.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Jose;

You have some great references in the reference section of the review you gave me, but I was looking for an essay-style review of all those references beyond your written description of how would be carrying out your project.  For the final paper you turn in to accompany your project at the end of the term you'll need to write the literature review that includes all of those references.  The final paper will simply be a brief description of your project and the review of sources.
I hope the project itself is going well.

Hi Freddy;

Your literature review, as well, is thin.  There are some good statistics in the body of the review, and the research is useful, but it's not written in proper academic citation style.  It is hard to determine whether all the sources listed in your reference list are included in the review itself because of the way that it's written.  You'll need to fix that for the final paper you turn in to accompany your project, which I hope is going well.

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  1. Hi Dr. Fry,

    Thanks for the feed back.

    The major key thing I recall was that there were no rules, so I didn't think to run the pairing up by you fully prior to written pitch.

    I am happy to work alone on something entirely different.

    I'll decide what that looks like and be ready for 5 min pitch in class.



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