Monday, March 6, 2017

Abiroop Dutta

Hi Abiroop;

This is an interesting movement and look at the perspective of Sri Lankan Tamils.  I think its important for many reasons, not just that most Americans are very unfamiliar with this conflict.  The fact that social media are useful in producing outcomes for the Tamils, which I interpret you suggesting.  Yes, it is important that you look at actual social media posts and somehow record them (do some content analysis?).  I'm wondering if you can, when you pitch this project, do so in a way that gives it more of an activist bent from you end.  In other words, what you're proposing here is mostly a reporting of how others are using social media to meet activist ends.  I'd like to see how you might cast your own project in activist terms.  Give it some thought.  Activism takes may forms and I believe you can make the case for yourself in this project.  Perhaps in presentation?

Give is a try and I look forward to hearing your pitch next week.



Hi Abi;

Your literature review looks really good;  I made a few comments on the review itself, and will scan and email it to you so you can see it.  Be sure to put your references in alphabetical order by author last name on the back reference page. Otherwise, very solid.


  1. Prof. Fry,
    Thanks! Great, I'll definitely look into that.
    One aspect that greatly interested me was celebrity activism-specifically the activism of MIA (mentioned in my proposal). Do you think I could pivot to that?
    But then, how'll I insert myself into an analysis of celebrity activism? I'm not sure but I remember writing something in pen on the proposal. Some other ideas for the pitch. Can you see them? If you see them, would it be possible to let me know what i scribbled?
    I seem to have forgotten those but I remember thinking they were interesting directions as I wrote them down.

  2. Yours looks interesting too, Abhi. How can I reply to mine? It's in preview/draft mode and I can't respond...


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