Monday, March 6, 2017

Sidnei Afari

Hi Sidnei;  I see from your proposal that your project will be centered on charter schools, but you never directly state what the project is.  I assume a video since you reference footage and using a camera.  Is this correct?  What I wanted in the proposal was a very specific and concrete issue (which you have) and exactly what the project would be in terms of that issue.  What exactly will be in the video?  What will be the style and tone?  And most importantly, what do you have to say about Charter Schools?  Since this is an activist project, I want to hear your voice.  This isn't meant to be a fair and balanced news report.  This is an activist project.  What will you say?  What would you like to change (or not change)?

Think about all those specifics as you prepare for the 5 minute pitches for next week.



Hi Sidnei;

Please look at Veronica's section to see where I address both of your since this is a joint project!

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