Monday, March 6, 2017

Sasha Toro

Hi Sasha;

This is a great topic and I look forward to seeing your documentary/vlog.  Your father's story sounds like a perfect centerpiece to the project.  Since I'm determined that each of you will be doing activist pieces, I was happy to read in your proposal that you will be including your own thoughts.  That's important, because I want each project to be a voice.  I have no other comments to make except that, when you do the short pitch, give the details of what the piece will look like (which you've begun in the proposal).   Think about how you'd like to make this piece available in a larger sense (to a wider audience).


Hi Sasha;

While the description of your project, which you handed in last week, is interesting, it's not a literature review.  You gave me references at the end, but there is no mention of them in the body of the paper itself, which is what a literature review is.  For the final paper that you'll turn in to accompany your project, you'll have to write the literature review, and include the citations you list (and a few more), and also include the full citation for each in the final reference section.

I hope the project itself is going well.

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