Monday, March 6, 2017

Hassan Williams

Hi Hassan;

This is a great project idea.  I like your use of the term meditation or bricolage to describe what it is you are creating.  To put it more concretely, would you say that your project falls into the category of short visual piece?  How would it be distributed?  How long will it be?  What are the specific elements, and how will they be organized?

 I wanted you to follow the specifics for proposal outline that I gave in my earlier blog post because it allows me to see the extent to which you can explain in steps what it is that you will be creating and why.  Your explanation does not do that, but I get the gist.  What I'd like you to be able to do in the 5-minute pitch next week is to answer the specific questions above, and to mention the over-arching systems you refer to, but quickly get to the Black Arts Movement specifically and what those voices are.... and, most importantly, where your voice is (today, right now in this political moment) in relation to those voices.  That's the point of activist media, to make clear your own voice.

I look forward to seeing your piece develop -- and especially the final product.


Hi Hassan;

What you gave me last week was less a literature review than an annotated bibliography, which, I've come to understand, is what you did in 7701.  Nevertheless, the citations themselves are very good, and the annotations/abstracts are well written.  You will easily be able to turn this into an essay-style literature review for the final paper accompanying your project at the end of the term.  The final paper will just be a brief description of the project plus the literature review.

I hope the project is going well.

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  1. thank you, dr. fry. you're right—i did have a hard time discerning between an annotated bibliography and a literature review. i also wasn't sure what was requred of us for the literature review. hopefully we'll get more guidance on that, but based off what you said, i confident i'll have no problem getting it done.


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