Monday, March 20, 2017

Getting Ready for DIGITAL engAGEment, May 5th

Good evening everyone;

I was quite impressed with the quality and range of media activist projects you all pitched last Monday evening.  Bravo.  I can't wait to watch them develop, and finally see what they become.

On May 5th, as you know, all day at 25 Broadway, the Dept. of TV/Radio is running a conference called DIGITAL engAGEment: Media Literacy in the 21st Century.  It's the first of what we hope will become an annual conference which showcases the Dept., the MS in Media Studies and MFA Programs, and draws people from many different areas who want to participate, want to know more about what we do in the Dept., and want to share ideas about media, activism and the future of media.

Prof. Robinson and I are the Co-Chairs of the conference, and we are thrilled to say that we received many great proposals-- some from former MS students, others from well known scholars in the Media Literacy world, graduate students from the area and around the U.S., and other scholars near and far-- and will have about 40 different presenters at the conference.  I want your projects to be included in the conference.

So, what we've done is dedicated a large slot of time (in the computer lab, I think) where your projects will be showcased that day.  By showcased, I mean they will be available to be viewed, listened to, or otherwise available for anyone from the conference to come in and take a look.  I think that what I'd like to do is have some of you available for different shifts throughout the day where you are available in the library to assist people in calling up projects which have been downloaded into the computers, and to answer any questions people might have about any of the projects.

Another option for showcasing your project is do do what's called a poster session of the project, which means you create a set of visuals (think science fair project) where you put information up on a board and people can peruse it at their leisure.  I think all of those will work well in the computer lab if we set it up correctly.

So, you're going to have an audience for the debut of your projects, which makes me very pleased.  I hope it pleases you as well.  More information about that to follow.

Read my next post for other ideas I have for us to engage in during the day of the conference if you so desire.

Prof. Fry


  1. I am free to help out that evening Professor Fry.

    1. Thanks, Brittany. the entire conference will be happening during the day, however. It begins around 9 and goes until about 5 pm. Are you available during the day? It would be great if you were.

  2. Professor, just a quick question. I am confused, does this mean we need to have an absolutely finished project by then?


    1. The finished projects are not due until May 15th, but I'm imagining there will be those of you who will have something to show by May 5th. Even if it's still a work in progress, it would be great to have it there to show.

  3. Hi, Dear Professor Fry,

    That is exciting. I love this! I would like to video record all day of the even and interview people. I also think of making a short documentary of it.

    I apologize for being late in responding.

    Qin Xin


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