Monday, April 3, 2017

Joanie Martinez

Hi Joanie;

I don't see a blog post to you from the proposal stage, so I'm writing a new one for you about the literature review you turned in last week.  It looks very good.  Your sources are solid, and you wrote up the review nicely.  I'm really happy with your work.  Be sure to include all the sources in the reference list in the back to you refer to within the body of the paper (I think there was one you left out).  Great job.  I hope the podcast is going well.

how I'm offering feedback

Hello again;

I'm going into each individual post I created for you in response to your proposals, and adding on my comments in an updated section there.  Please refer to that first post to read my current comments.

DIGITAL engAGEment conference spots

Hi all;

So, as I told you, we really need help with the conference, and a number of you have offered your enthusiastic help for that day.  Thanks.  I'm hoping most of you can participate in the conference.  Remember, there's extra credit involved.  Plus, I think you'll find the conference very interesting, especially because there'll be a lot of panels, talks and discussion about media activism and media literacy.   There are some amazing people coming, some of whose work you've read if you've taken courses with me before (Doug Rushkoff, Renee Hobbs, Paul Mihailidis).  I'll send the full program to all of you in a separate email to the class email list.

Here are the positions and descriptions.  You can participate in more than one position:

Registration:  2-3 people to handle the registration table in the morning, from about 8:30-10:00 am.

Signage/Session Maintainers:  4-5 people to make sure each panel session room/area is maintained            for each panel; that all tech requirements are taken care of (acting as liaison with Mohammed for        any help needed); put up appropriate signage so conference participants know where everything          is located at 25 Broadway.

Computer Lab "Interveners":  about 3 people, in shifts, overseeing the computer lab where your projects will be showcased -- either to be screened, listened to, or looked at as poster sessions.  The computer lab will include your work from 9 am to 1 pm.  Each person in this position will be in the computer lab to assist people interested in checking out your projects.

Food set up/clean up:  3 or more people to assist in making sure breakfast (which starts at 8 am) and lunch (delivered around 11:30; served from 12:15-1:15)  are set up properly, and then clean up after.

Production: It would be good to have 4-5 people creating a media project on that day -- to screen or showcase at the very end of the conference at 5 pm that same day.  What I'm thinking is that it would be really interesting to choose a media literacy or media activism topic during the opening/welcome session (9-9:30 am), then those of you doing the producing can go out with cameras, recorders, and such (into lower Manhattan or wherever) and gather information, perhaps through quick interviews, visuals, sounds, etc., then pull something short together that offers a snapshot of the man/woman-on-the-street thinking about that topic on that day.   We can talk more about this when we next meet together in person.  I really like spur of the moment, quick projects like this.  I think it could add a really nice mediated dimension to this media-related conference -- and showcase you as students.   I'm completely open to all your idea.  If this sounds interesting to you, you might want to start thinking about some topics related to some of the panels that will be included at the conference (i.e., Fake News, Digital literacy, media and conspiracy theories, civic engagement, notions of truth/falsehood in media; etc.)

And, of course, you'll want to attend some of the sessions as well.  And there's always the after-party!

So, think about it!  I'm hoping for a really big day.  We have about 40 people presenting, and I'm hoping we'll have many more than that just attending to be a part of the conference.  Our Dean, Maria Conelli, will be saying a welcome.  I'm going to invite the top administrators to come as well for as much of the day as they can stick around for (President Anderson, Provost Tramontano, etc.).

Let me know!


checking in...finally

Hi everyone;

Sorry if you've been waiting for me.  I had a radiator leak emergency... which seems to be fine now.
I'll be giving you all feedback tonight on your Literature Reviews, and giving you more information about the May 5th conference duties that you can sing up for.

Next post....

Prof. Fry

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Hi class!

I've set up the Twitter handle I'll be using for my final project - @MoreThanStigmas, and the hashtag for the project is #diversifyingnormal. If you're on Twitter, give the page a follow as I try to get the project off the ground.

Thanks in advance!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Some Conference Day Activist Activity Ideas

During the day of the conference, at the site and in the surrounding lower Manhattan area, I'd like those of you who are interested to participate by creating something during the day that will be showcased at the very end, around 4:30 pm. -- before we retreat to the bar.

I'm thinking it would be interesting to have some of you collaborate on producing a very short video or podcast where you go out and gather images/interviews/information on a subject related to the conference or to your project theme, or other, and edit something quickly (in montage fashion) that can be shown to the conference participants as part of the final comments of the day.  Here are some ideas I have:

-- go out into lower Manhattan and do quick interviews with people about what they think media literacy is....

-- do quick interviews on the role of news in a Democracy

--do quick interviews on how people use the web or social media for:  (you name it)

--extend your own project theme by asking questions, man on the street style, related to your project (DAPL, Planned Parenthood, mental health issues, animal welfare, etc., etc.)

Or, other ideas???

I love the idea of making some media on the day that speaks to the state of our media and our social situation in a snapshot of May, 2017 in NYC.

I welcome other ideas you might have as well!

Prof. Fry

Getting Ready for DIGITAL engAGEment, May 5th

Good evening everyone;

I was quite impressed with the quality and range of media activist projects you all pitched last Monday evening.  Bravo.  I can't wait to watch them develop, and finally see what they become.

On May 5th, as you know, all day at 25 Broadway, the Dept. of TV/Radio is running a conference called DIGITAL engAGEment: Media Literacy in the 21st Century.  It's the first of what we hope will become an annual conference which showcases the Dept., the MS in Media Studies and MFA Programs, and draws people from many different areas who want to participate, want to know more about what we do in the Dept., and want to share ideas about media, activism and the future of media.

Prof. Robinson and I are the Co-Chairs of the conference, and we are thrilled to say that we received many great proposals-- some from former MS students, others from well known scholars in the Media Literacy world, graduate students from the area and around the U.S., and other scholars near and far-- and will have about 40 different presenters at the conference.  I want your projects to be included in the conference.

So, what we've done is dedicated a large slot of time (in the computer lab, I think) where your projects will be showcased that day.  By showcased, I mean they will be available to be viewed, listened to, or otherwise available for anyone from the conference to come in and take a look.  I think that what I'd like to do is have some of you available for different shifts throughout the day where you are available in the library to assist people in calling up projects which have been downloaded into the computers, and to answer any questions people might have about any of the projects.

Another option for showcasing your project is do do what's called a poster session of the project, which means you create a set of visuals (think science fair project) where you put information up on a board and people can peruse it at their leisure.  I think all of those will work well in the computer lab if we set it up correctly.

So, you're going to have an audience for the debut of your projects, which makes me very pleased.  I hope it pleases you as well.  More information about that to follow.

Read my next post for other ideas I have for us to engage in during the day of the conference if you so desire.

Prof. Fry