Monday, March 6, 2017

Hyunmin Kim

Hi Min;

I get the sense, reading your proposal, that you want to interview young Korean adults in the U.S. about politics.  Is this correct?  Is it an online channel that you want to produce?  What I would suggest is that you focus on showing your voice on the channel because that would make it truly activist.  I understand that you want to share others' voices through the channel, but I think you need to make your own voice clear.

for the final project will you be creating one segment for the channel?  If so, will you be describing it in detail?  For example, what issue or issues will you be showcasing?  These are important details that you'll need to specify when you do the 5-minute pitch of your project next week.  And don't forget to talk about where you stand on the issue that you're showcasing in the channel segment.

Looking forward to hearing more!'



Hi Min;  As I mentioned to Yoon,  your reference are really good, and what you have here for references can easily be combined with hers for the final paper that you can jointly turn in to accompany your short videos.  Well done!


  1. I will interview young Korean adults in U.S and I will produce YouTube channel.
    and I will show my voices and opinions about the issue in the video.
    I have a segment for the final project, it is Donald Trump's Foreign Policies and Korean thoughts about it. Because U.S Foreign Policies has a huge influence to Korea.

    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    Hyun Min Kim

  2. 1. Mossberger, K., Tolbert, C. J., & McNeal, R. S. (2007). Digital citizenship: The Internet, society, and participation. MIt Press.

    =This book open the discussion about “digital citizenship”. Basically, it shows why online political participation is important in today’s societies. This connects me and Yoon’s project. Because of the digital citizenship, our project is so important to make more digital citizens to vote for better democracy.

    2. Milbrath, L. W. (1965). Political participation: How and why do people get involved in politics?.

    =Milbrath shows online political participation contributes to make a quality of argumentation via diverse social network services. Since Yoon and I will create short reviews of each Korean president candidates and will publish the reviews via social network service, this scholarly article is connected with our work.

    3. Gil de Zuniga, H., Puig-I-Abril, E., & Rojas, H. (2009). Weblogs, traditional sources online and political participation: An assessment of how the Internet is changing the political environment. New media & society, 11(4), 553-574.

    =This article believes that news consumption both online and offline is related positively to interpersonal discussion, political involvement and political engagement. Especially the article finds that blog use emerges as an equally important predictor of political engagement in the online domain.It is important to look a blog as a publishing channel.

    4. Polat, R. K. (2005). The Internet and political participation exploring the explanatory links. European journal of communication, 20(4), 435-459.

    =The article also emphasizes the relevance of established theories of participation within political science in evaluating the potential role of the Internet for affecting levels and styles of political participation.

    5. Kihl, Y. W. (2005). Advancing democracy for South Korea: beyond electoral politics and presidential impeachment. International Journal of Korean Studies, 9(1), 51-70.

    This article is the first motivation why I change my project.

    The author is a skeptic of Korean democracy development. He argues that the Korean experiment in democratic self-government is faltering. I agree with his opinion, so Yoon and my project can be an activist work to be a guide of coming vote as an activist project.

  3. These look very good. As I explained to Yoon regarding her sources, you'll need to discuss in the literature review how each of these pertains specifically to the project the two of you are creating. Nice start.

  4. I was waiting your comment. Haha, it is on the post, not in the comment.
    Thank you for your feedback and I will update you our work.


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