Monday, March 6, 2017

Jason Picucci

Hi Jason;
I'm so glad you're interested in NYC historical preservation, and I see that as a very worthy activist topic.  In the proposal you make clear your voice and what it is that you have to say about historical preservation and its importance.... and specifically why.  What you never really state directly, though, is what the project is.  Is it a video?  A mini-doc?  A news piece?  I'm not saying these are all mutually exclusive;  what I'm saying is that I wanted each of you to state very directly in the first part of the proposal what it is that you are creating, and what makes it an activist piece.

Later in the proposal you do give some nice specifics about who you'll interview and why.  This is good.  For the 5-minute pitches next week be prepared to state what your project is, what makes it activist, and state very specifically what will be included in the video -- who will be interviewed, about what, where.  What else will be included.  How long will the piece be?   What would you like the distribution to be for maximum activist impact?

Lots to think about.  I'm looking forward to it.



Jason;  Your literature review is very well done!  I have no substantive comments to make.  Your sources are good, the organization and writing are both very good.  I'll give you the hard copy when next we meet as a class.  You can use this for the final paper that accompanies your project (it will only need to also include a short description of the project).

well done.

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  1. Thank you for your feedback Dr. Fry. I will organize my thoughts around your comments about my project and deliver the information you were seeking above in the pitch next week.


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