Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Instructions for next week Monday's project pitches

Next Monday evening, March 13th, you'll be given 5 minutes to pitch your project to the class.
By now you've read my comments on your proposal, and for many of you I made a point to tell you specific things you could include in your 5-minute pitch.  Below is the list of questions you need to address in some way in each of your pitch (in any order that you like) :

What is the issue?

What is the change you want to make?

What is the specific project that will lead to that change?

 How do you anticipate this project will bring that change?

What are some of the specific elements of the project?

-- if you'd like to show something to back up your pitch, feel free.

You'll need to stay within the 5-minute parameter.

Really looking forward to hearing them next week.

Each of you will receive feedback from me and your classmates.  This will be a good working session!

See you then,
Prof. Fry

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