Sunday, February 19, 2017

Let's start looking at some Media Activism Projects

Hi everyone;

I want to start a listing of instances of media activism, activism projects and other related items that exist already in NYC and beyond.  Please add to this list and check them out.  They might give you some great ideas for your own projects.

1)  The Media Education Lab's Mind Over Media: Analyzing Propaganda
check it out and contribute to it!

2)  The LAMP's Media Breaker online media remix tool for talking back to media:
check it out, try it out!

What else can you find?  What makes it activist?


  1. 3) Dean's Beans Organic Coffee

    This website pertains to my media activist project because it discusses the benefits of Fair Trade in relationship to the coffee industry. Dean's Beans is a small activist group that has partnered up with many other activist organizations such as Fair Trade Federation, Co-operative Coffee and Coffeeland Trusts to bring awareness to the working conditions of coffee farmers globally.

    Below are the links to the activist groups that I've mentioned above:

    These are great examples of activist groups that I will be using for my project because they participate in community outreach by educating others about the coffee industry.

    Please let me know if anyone has other coffee activist groups that I should know about :)


  2. Some activism movements that I discovered can be found on this website:

    After reviewing, not only did I think about Hassan's potential project on the Black Arts Movement but other movements can be found on this site as well that may spark an interest! I hope this helps.

    Happy Researching everyone :)

  3. I cannot open the first link. Could you pls check the link's accessibility?

    1. Hhmmm... not sure how that happened. Try this link:

  4. This is just one of the websites that uses it forces to fight against global warming. Obviously not in a literal sense, but fighting politicians and media that do not want to recognize this important change or do anything about it. As you can see, they have a big section called Media VS scientists where they expose media outlets that do not want to recognize the change.


      This is also one of a group of media activists to fight global warming you might be interested in.

    2. green piece is not a media activism per say. It is an established organization. But thank you!

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  6. I want to discuss an easy and a fun media activism on social media.

    Here is the idea.

    The #IceBucketChallenge was not a politically influenced thing to do nor an educational movement, but I vouch it was a very successful media activism because it was a fun way for people to be a part of the activism that made a good cause. About $115 million dollar raised by the #iceBucketChallenge and it was used to help research a cure for ALS disease.

  7. Shia LaBeouf's livestreaming of an anti 'Donald Trump' campaign entitled, 'He Will Not Divide Us' is an interesting case. Originally it was up in NYC but was shut down. It has recently been relaunched in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here's the link.

  8. I found some activism movements on those website:


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