Monday, February 13, 2017

Final Project Proposal requirements

TVRA 7710 – Media Studies Seminar, Spring, 2017
Project Proposal Guide Sheet

On Monday, February 27, 2017, you will submit during class a complete proposal for your final activist media project.  Below is a list of the elements that need to be included in that proposal.  I’m not asking for any particular written or formatted proposal style, but it should include these elements:
A.     A brief statement (roughly 200 words) of what the project is.  In this statement please include a concise description of your project, what issue, problem or idea it addresses, and who will benefit from this work.

B.     A rationale for the project.  Here you will expand in writing why you consider this project important to undertake, why the medium or media you are choosing (or use of media you are going to undertake within the project) is appropriate for the topic or issue you are addressing.  The rationale ought to be thorough and well thought-out.  There is no word or page goal to be met here, but please be thorough and clear.

C.     Project Plan: A description of how you plan to undertake the project.  The plan may change as you begin, but for now you should offer in this section a vision of how you would like to carry out the activist project (from inception to completion and beyond).

D.    A list of the materials and equipment you will need to carry out the project.

E.     A brief statement of how you will be able to assess the outcome of your project.  How will you know that the project has met some or all of its activist goals? 

The Proposals will likely become a changing document as you work on your project, but to have a strong, well-thought-out proposal is to begin with a clear framework that will get your started on a path.  The path might change, and that’s okay.  You’ll have a chance to reflect on that, and explain that, at the end of the term when you share the final project.

Be creative.  Be bold!

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